2 Pack Large Tall Collapsible WaterproofDirty Clothes Laundry Baskets

2-Pack: This package includes two laundry baskets, which is convenient for sorting laundry or organizing laundry for different family members.

Large and Tall Design: These laundry baskets are spacious and tall, offering ample room to hold a significant amount of dirty clothes. Their height allows you to stack clothes vertically, maximizing the use of space.

Collapsible Design: The collapsible feature allows these baskets to fold flat when not in use. This space-saving design is ideal for storing the baskets in a closet, laundry room, or under a bed.

Waterproof Material: The waterproof feature ensures that moisture or water from wet or damp laundry items doesn’t leak out of the basket, protecting your floors and keeping your laundry contained.

Durable Construction: These baskets are typically constructed from durable materials like plastic or fabric, designed to withstand the weight of your laundry and regular use.

Easy to Clean: The waterproof materials are easy to clean. You can wipe down the exterior, and in the case of fabric baskets, remove and wash the liner as needed.

Large Handles: Large and sturdy handles are usually included to make it easy to carry the basket, even when it’s full of laundry. These handles are designed to be comfortable to grip.

Ventilation: Some models may feature ventilation holes or breathable fabric to promote air circulation within the basket, preventing musty odors and mildew.

Color Choices: These baskets often come in various colors and designs, allowing you to choose ones that match your personal style or complement your laundry room decor.

Multi-Purpose Use: While primarily designed for laundry, these baskets can also serve as versatile storage containers for items like blankets, toys, or household goods.

Lid or Closure: Depending on the design, some baskets may include a lid or closure mechanism to conceal your laundry items and keep them out of sight.

Stackable or Nestable: Some models may be stackable when not in use, providing additional space-saving benefits.

Versatile Style: The waterproof and collapsible design of these baskets makes them suitable for various settings, including laundry rooms, bathrooms, or even outdoor spaces.

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This laundry basket has a capacity of 90L and measures 15″(L) x 15″(W) x 31″(H). The laundry hamper is large enough to easily hold the whole family’s dirty clothes. In addition, it can be used to store various other items, including toys, books, wet towels, underwear, quilts and more, saving you space and keeping your home tidy.

Laundry hamper is equipped with a textured aluminum handle and a soft sponge handle for a comfortable grip. It’s easy to transport, whether it’s up or down stairs or carrying it to the laundry room.

The inner fabric of the laundry basket is coated with PE material to keep clothes dry. Store wet items to ensure no leaks. Easy to clean, simply wipe away dirt with a damp sponge or cloth. Note: Don’t wash in a washing machine. This coating is not washing machine resistant.

The simple and practical convenient laundry basket is suitable for any age group as well as space within the home. It is a great choice for efficient storage of items and can be placed in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, baby’s room, study, and any other area in need of storage.

Clothes hampers for laundry with tall shape makes full use of vertical and corner space for space saving storage. When it is not in use, the collapsible laundry basket can also be folded and stored to save space.

Material: Polyethylene, Aluminum
Size: 38x38x79cm (15″x15″x31″)
Color: Black white
Package List
2 x storage baskets

Laundry Basket Size

38x38x79cm (15"x15"x31")


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