2 Pack Large Wash Me Dirty Clothe Laundry Baskets

Size: Large laundry baskets offer ample space to hold a significant amount of dirty clothes. They are designed to accommodate the laundry needs of a household with multiple members.

Durable Material: These baskets are often made from durable materials like plastic, fabric, or even wicker. The choice of material can affect the basket’s durability and ease of cleaning.

Ventilation: Some laundry baskets come with ventilation holes or mesh sides to allow air circulation. This helps prevent odors and mildew from developing in your dirty clothes.

Handles: Handles on the sides or top of the basket make it easy to transport your laundry from one room to another or to the laundry room.

Foldable or Stackable: Some laundry baskets are designed to be foldable or stackable, which can save space when they’re not in use.

Lid or Cover: A lid or cover can help keep your dirty laundry out of sight and also contain odors.

Color and Design: Laundry baskets come in various colors and designs to match your decor or personal style.

Easy to Clean: It’s important that the laundry basket is easy to clean, especially if it’s used to hold dirty clothes.

Separation Compartments: Some laundry baskets come with compartments or dividers to help you sort your clothes by color or fabric type.

Labeling: To help with organization, you can find laundry baskets with labels or pockets where you can put labels.

Collapsible: Collapsible laundry baskets are great for saving space when not in use, making them suitable for smaller living spaces.

Wheels: Baskets with wheels can be easily rolled around, which can be especially useful if you have to transport your laundry to a different part of your home or to a laundromat.

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Extra-tough double-stitched seam construction and thick nylon material that prevents the bag tears from spreading; Plastic tips on the end of drawstring, which prevent it from unraveling after wash.

Measure 28”×40” per bag; This size is big enough for holding 3~4 loads of laundry for each, making it ideal for travel, storage in college dorm or family use.

As laundry liner bag helps keep laundry hamper or baskets cleaner and fresher, so you don’t have to see (or smell) your dirty laundry.

A locking drawstring closure can prevent the spill of items; Tie the knot after close can keep the clothes more safe and secure in the bag while carrying laundry.

Great choice for sleep away summer camp, kids can hold week period dirty clothes and take them back home, easily folded flat for future use. Multipurpose bags also can storage your bedding, towels, off season clothes, toys, blankets, pillows.

Material: Nylon
Size: 71x101cm (28″x40″)
Color: Blue, black
Package Include
2 x Laundry Baskets

Laundry Basket Size

71x101cm (28"x40")


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