2 PCS Under Tote Cartoon Cloth Storage Bag

Design and Appearance: The “Cartoon Cloth Storage Bag” likely features a playful and vibrant design with cartoon-themed patterns or characters. This could make it appealing for children’s rooms or spaces with a more whimsical aesthetic.

Material: The storage bags are made from cloth or fabric material, which could be durable and lightweight. Cloth materials are often preferred for storage bags as they are less likely to scratch or damage stored items.

Quantity: The product includes two storage bags, which can be useful for organizing different types of items or for utilizing in multiple locations within your home.

Size and Shape: The storage bags are likely designed to fit under a bed, a couch, or in another low-profile area. They might have dimensions that are suitable for sliding under furniture, maximizing storage space that might otherwise go unused.

Storage Capacity: These bags are intended for storing various items, such as clothing, toys, linens, or other household goods. They could provide an effective solution for decluttering and organizing living spaces.

Closure: Depending on the design, the bags might feature a zipper or other types of closures to securely seal the contents and protect them from dust, insects, or moisture.

Handles: Some storage bags have built-in handles or straps that make it easier to pull them out from under furniture or to move them around.

Versatility: These storage bags could be used in different settings, including bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, or even in a dormitory setting.

Space-Saving: The primary feature of these bags is likely their space-saving design. They’re intended to utilize the under-bed or under-furniture space that’s often overlooked for storage.

Organizational Solution: By providing an organized storage solution, these bags can help create a tidy and clutter-free environment, especially in areas where space is limited.

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Fine workmanship, cartoon printing, beautiful and fashionable.

Portable and lightweight, easy to carry.

Great material, can be used for a long time. Excellent selection of materials, not easy to deform, not easy to fade, long use time, safe and .

It can be placed in wardrobe, bed, bedroom, etc queen size quilts.

Excellent selection of materials, not easy to deform, not easy to fade, long use time, and queen size blankets.

Made of materials, durable and for a long time use queen quilt.

With fine workmanship, not easy to wear and tear, very practical in use quilt storage pouch.

With handles on both sides, portable and not hurt your hands storage bags for clothes.

Material: Oxford cloth
Size: About 50.00X45.00X40.00cm (19.65″X17.68″X15″)
Color: Pink
Package List
2 x storage container

Storage Bag Size

50.00X45.00X40.00cm (19.65"X17.68"X15")


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