2Pcs Pentagram Wavy Horse Clothes Storage Laundry Basket

Quantity: “2Pcs” indicates that you will receive two laundry baskets as a set, which can be useful for organizing and sorting laundry or for using in different rooms or spaces.

Pentagram Design: The “Pentagram” likely refers to the shape of a five-pointed star, which could be incorporated into the design of the laundry basket. This design element can add a decorative and unique touch to the basket.

Wavy Horse Design: The “Wavy Horse” element in the description suggests that the laundry basket may have a horse-themed or equestrian design, possibly featuring wavy or flowing lines that resemble horses in motion.

Size: The size of these laundry baskets may vary, but they are likely designed to hold a considerable amount of laundry or other items due to the reference to “clothes storage.”

Durable Materials: Laundry baskets are typically made from sturdy and durable materials like woven rope, fabric, or plastic, ensuring they can withstand the weight of laundry and everyday use.

Handles: Most laundry baskets come with handles for easy carrying to and from the laundry area. These handles are designed to be comfortable and sturdy for transportation.

Collapsible: Some laundry baskets can be collapsible or foldable for convenient storage when not in use. This feature can save space.

Ventilation: Laundry baskets often have a design that allows for adequate air circulation, which helps prevent odors and mildew in stored laundry.

Easy to Clean: Many laundry baskets are easy to clean with a damp cloth or by simply rinsing them out, making it convenient to maintain hygiene.

Multipurpose: In addition to laundry, these baskets can be used for storing various items like toys, linens, or even as decorative elements in a room.

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For use in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, office, workshop, garage, etc clothes storage container.

Very light, attractive, durable and robust laundry clothes basket storage.

Suitable for storing clothing, magazine, books, , snacks, decorations, debris, etc.

Easy to use, can be folded when not in use, convenient for collection.

Material: Cotton, Linen
Size: 40 x 40 x 50 cm (15.7″x15.7″x19.7″)
Color: As shown.
Package Include
2 x Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket Size

40 x 40 x 50 cm (15.7"x15.7"x19.7")


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