3 Compartment Divided Handle Laundry Hamper

Three Compartments: The primary feature of this hamper is its three separate compartments. These compartments are typically designed for sorting your laundry into different categories, such as whites, colors, and delicates. This makes it easy to keep your laundry organized and separated, saving you time when it’s time to wash.

Dividers or Separators: Each compartment is often equipped with dividers or separators to keep the laundry items within their designated sections. This prevents your laundry from mixing and ensures it stays sorted.

Handles: Handles are usually provided for each compartment, allowing you to carry them separately or all together. These handles are designed to be comfortable to grip and make it easy to transport your sorted laundry to the washing machine.

Durable Construction: Three-compartment laundry hampers are typically made from durable materials like fabric, plastic, or metal frames, ensuring they can withstand the weight of your laundry and regular use.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is important to prevent trapped moisture and odors in each compartment. Some models may have ventilation holes or breathable fabric to promote air circulation.

Easy to Clean: The materials used in these hampers are often easy to clean. You can wipe down the exterior, and in the case of fabric hampers, remove and wash the liners as needed.

Color Choices: These hampers come in various colors and designs, allowing you to choose one that matches your personal style or complements your laundry room decor.

Multi-Purpose Use: While primarily designed for laundry, these hampers can also serve as versatile storage containers for items like toys, linens, or other household items.

Lid or Closure: Depending on the design, some hampers may include a lid or closure mechanism for each compartment to conceal your laundry items and keep them out of sight.

Stackable or Foldable: Depending on the model, some hampers may be stackable when not in use or foldable for convenient storage.

Affordability: These hampers are generally affordable and offer a practical solution for efficient laundry sorting.

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Please fully open each side of the dirty clothes hamper bottom before use; 3-compartment design, avoid using only one side; No support rod and wheel, if you have strict standing requirement, we recommend you choose other laundry basket with support rod.

In order to easy carrying and storage, our 3-grid dorm basket for laundry doesn’t use support rod, but it can keep stands upright even empty (fully open each side of the dirty clothes storted organizer bottom before use), and it is foldable to save space when it is not in used.

Dirty clothes laundry basket was divided into three parts, you can sort clothes into the large clothing basket according to the color, dark and light or material, to avoid dyeing each other

Our oxford foldable laundry hamper full open size is 23.2×11.8×23.6 inch (L*W*H), capacity about 106L, bigger than most storage hampers on the market. It can also store your children’s toys, towel, sundries, for college dorms, campers, condos, hotels, baby creches, utility rooms

Our 3 sections clothes organizer bag made of 600D oxford coth with PE coating, moisture-proof and hold up nicely over time even with daily use. It features 2 aluminum round grips with sponge for maximum comfortable and durability.

Material: 100% Oxford Cloth
Color: As shown in the figure
Size: 59x30x60cm (23.2″x11.8″x23.6″)
Package included:
1 pack Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket Size

59x30x60cm (23.2"x11.8"x23.6")


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