3 Pack Foldable Fabric Storage Laundry Baskets

Quantity: This set includes three laundry baskets, allowing you to organize laundry or other items in different rooms or categories.

Foldable Design: These laundry baskets are designed to be foldable, making them easy to store when not in use, which is particularly handy for saving space.

Durable Fabric Materials: These baskets are typically made from sturdy fabric materials, ensuring they can handle the weight of your laundry or other items.

Handles for Easy Carrying: Many of these fabric storage laundry baskets come with handles, making them convenient for transporting laundry or items from room to room.

Versatile Use: In addition to laundry storage, they can be used for organizing toys, clothes, blankets, or other household items. They are suitable for bedrooms, closets, or living rooms.

Easy to Clean: The fabric materials used are usually easy to clean. You can spot clean or wash them as needed.

Space-Saving: The foldable design makes these baskets a space-saving solution. You can store them flat when not in use.

Affordable and Convenient: A three-pack of fabric storage laundry baskets provides a cost-effective solution for organizing and decluttering your home.

Variety of Colors and Designs: Depending on the specific product, these baskets may come in various colors and designs to match your decor or personal style.

Uniform Appearance: The three-pack provides a uniform and organized look when used in bedrooms, closets, or storage areas.

Sturdy Construction: Despite being foldable, these baskets are typically constructed with reinforced seams and handles to ensure durability.

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Unlike other normal closet storage bins, Homsorout closet bins are designed with clear window, making it easier and faster to see and find inside contents, saving time. These shelf organizer bins are great substitutes for other organization bins.

The clothes storage bins for closet are 13.3 x 9 x 9 inches, suitable for daily storage needs. With Homsorout storage bins for closet shelves, your home and office are in order and tidy enough, creating a comfortable and clean environment.

With front handle, the closet organizers and storage bins allow you to pull out easily and quickly from your closet, shelf or other high places, easy to access inside items. The handle of clothing storage bins withstand large tension and won’t fall off easily.

Removing the bottom cardboard, you can fold up the baskets for shelves easily into flat state, easy for storage, saving space. The bottom and four-side panels make organizer bins for shelves bear much weight and always keep its shape even full of various items.

Made of breathable and durable non-woven fabric, the storage bins for clothes are odorless and long-lasting, perfect for home, office, nursery and apartment. The linen closet organizers and storage baskets are excellent storage helper for clothes, socks, folded blankets, toys, shoes, books, office supplies , other sundries and much more.

Material: Cardboard, Linen
Size: 23x34x23cm (9″x13.3″x9″)
Color: Light grey
Package List:
3 x Laundry baskets

Laundry Basket Size

23x34x23cm (9"x13.3"x9")


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