3D Visual Fast Drying Rebound Door Carpet

1. Memory Foam Bath Rug is made of cushiony memory foam filling which forms to the shape of your body, relieving pressure and fatigue on your feet. Enjoy the comfort of standing on the clouds

2. The extremely plush top layer of the Memory Bath Rug absorbs extra water in your bathroom, helping to keep your floors clean and dry. It’s an ultra-absorbent bath mat that soaks up an impressive amount of excess water quickly and efficiently, to keep your floor clean and slip-free.

3. The extremely rubber backing of the anti-slip water-absorbing Memory Foam Bath Rug was designed for long-lasting use. Powerful gripping rubber backing to prevent slippage sticks to the floor and it won’t run away.

4. The bath mat rug can be used on the tub side, in front of the sink, or at any place in your home where you want to support and warmth on your toes! The versatile design makes it perfect for any room of the home: kids’ bathroom, vacation home, or dorm room. Makes a great gift for all occasions!

Name: 3D Vision Carpet
Weight: about 480g
Size: 40x60x1.5cm/15.75×23.62×0.59in

Packing list:
1* Memory Foam Bath Rug

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3D Visual Fast Drying Rebound Door Carpet. Our business includes wholesale and custom-made of various styles of mats and rugs.

3D visual fast drying rebound door carpet, also known as a doormat, is typically placed at the entrance of a building or room to prevent dirt and debris from being tracked inside. Its main function is to provide a surface for people to wipe their feet before entering, which helps to keep the interior clean and hygienic.

In addition to keeping floors clean, 3D visual fast drying rebound door carpet can also serve as a decorative element. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials, so you can choose one that complements the style of your home or business.

3D visual fast drying rebound door carpet also have additional features, such as anti-slip backing or moisture-absorbing properties. These can be especially useful in wet or snowy climates where it’s important to prevent slips and falls.

【Dry Quickly】3D visual fast drying rebound door carpet upper water absorption. And the water does not stay on the surfaces of the bath mat. Absorbs water and dries quickly, keeping your bathroom from stagnant water.
【Soft & Comfortable】3D visual fast drying rebound door carpet are filled with high-density memory foam and the microfiber coral velvet outer material, super soft, skin-friendly, and cozy, relieving pressure and fatigue on your feet.
【Cute and Beautiful】These Foam Bath Carpets use 3D and practical fabrics, cute and beautiful and hard to put down, and beautiful decorations, suitable for any home style!
【Rubber Backing】3D visual fast drying rebound door carpet to prevent the runner rug from moving around, whether there is dust or water underneath it, so no more worry about the bathtub mat slipping or scratching the floor, it has strong adsorption to the ground.
【Wide Use】Foam Rugs with large sizes can be widely used on various occasions, such as in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, meeting rooms, study rooms, hallways, bedrooms, balconies, bathtub sides, front of the sink, indoor&outdoor, etc.

Mat Size

40X60cm (15.7"x23.6"), 50X80cm (19.6"x31.5")


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