4 Pack Foldable Cube Storage Laundry Baskets

Quantity: This set includes four cube-shaped laundry baskets, allowing you to organize laundry or items in different rooms, closets, or categories.

Foldable Design: These laundry baskets are designed to be foldable, making them easy to store when not in use and allowing you to maximize your storage space.

Durable Materials: They are often made from sturdy materials, such as fabric, plastic, or a combination of materials, ensuring they can handle the weight of laundry or other items.

Cube Shape: The cube shape allows them to fit neatly into storage units, shelves, or cubbies with square compartments, providing a space-efficient solution.

Handles for Easy Carrying: Many of these cube storage laundry baskets come with handles for convenient transportation, even when they are full.

Versatile Use: In addition to laundry, they can be used to organize toys, clothes, blankets, or other household items, helping to keep your space tidy.

Easy to Clean: The materials used are typically easy to clean. You can spot clean or wash them as needed.

Space-Saving: The foldable design, along with the cube shape, makes them space-saving and easy to store when not in use.

Affordable and Convenient: A four-pack of cube storage laundry baskets offers a cost-effective solution for organizing and categorizing your laundry or items.

Variety of Colors and Designs: Depending on the specific product, these baskets may come in various colors and designs to match your decor or personal preferences.

Uniform and Organized Look: The cube shape and uniform size of these baskets provide a neat and organized appearance when used in storage units or shelves.

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This cube storage bin comes with 2 big sturdy handle on two sides, and a little handle in the front of the bins.making it convenient for you to pull out the bins from the shelves.

This 12 inch cube storage organizer bins fit on the floor, on a closet shelf, bookshelf or desk.Drawer fold flat when not in use which helps you to use it more convenient.

The 12 x 12 cube storage bin for organizing and declutering any space.Perfect for organizing and cutting down on clutter,can be used to store clothing,underwear,socks,sweatshirts, toys,crafts and so on.

Good for folding and soft,big space to collect lots clothes.Keep in the kid’s room,family room or any room in the house.

This cube storage organizer bins can be folable and easy carrying.All the fabric we used are environmental.Please feel free to use.

Material: Cardboard
Size: 30x30x30cm (12″x12″x12″)
Color: Stars
Package List:
4 x Laundry baskets

Laundry Basket Size

30x30x30cm (12"x12"x12")


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