4Pcs Foldable Sequin Storage Laundry Baskets

Quantity: This set includes four foldable laundry baskets, allowing you to organize laundry, toys, or other items in different rooms or purposes.

Foldable Design: These laundry baskets are designed to be foldable, which makes them easy to store when not in use and saves space.

Durable Materials: They are typically made from sturdy materials, such as fabric or a combination of materials, ensuring they can withstand the weight of laundry or other items.

Sequin Embellishments: The baskets often feature sequin or glitter embellishments, adding a touch of glamour and style to your storage.

Handles for Easy Carrying: Many of these sequin storage laundry baskets come with handles for convenient transportation.

Versatile Use: Besides laundry storage, they can be used to store toys, clothes, blankets, or other household items. The sequin design makes them suitable for bedrooms, closets, or living rooms.

Easy to Clean: The materials used are typically easy to clean. You can spot clean or wash them as needed.

Variety of Colors and Designs: Depending on the specific product, these baskets may come in various colors and sequin designs, allowing you to match your decor or personal style.

Functional Decor: These baskets serve both as a functional storage solution and as decorative items that add a touch of glam to your living space.

Affordable and Stylish: A set of four sequin storage laundry baskets provides an affordable and stylish way to organize and declutter your home.

Sparkling Appearance: The sequin embellishments catch the light and add a sparkly, eye-catching element to your room’s decor.

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Our 4 packs cubby storage bins are designed with sequins elements, it look like mermaid scales. Run your finger across the sequins, you can draw any patterns as you like, perfect for girls room storage and organization.

Different from the non-woven fabric, oxford cloth is more soft, durable, breathable, and lighter. Cause no harm to your baby’s skin. With 2 mm thick plastic cardboard inside makes the open home storage bins will not deform and can be washed.

These 11 inch cube storage bin can easily fit into standard cube organizer such as kallax, hiding the mess and keeping items easily accessible.Wider sturdy handle for better lifting and pulling out of the cube, max load 11lbs.

Utilize this cubby storage bin as closet organization bins, clothes storage, nursery toy chest storage, bathroom clean towel, book, makeups, office items storage and many other uses.

Remove the bottom board to achieve foladable easily, organize your items with this set of 4 durable, stable cubby storage bins. If you encountered any issues please contact us for the compensation or replacement.

Material: Oxford fabric
Size: 28x28x28cm (11″x11″x11″)
Color: Purple
Package List:
4 x Laundry baskets

Laundry Basket Size

28x28x28cm (11"x11"x11")


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