Canvas Duffle Storage Heavy Basket Laundry Bag

Material: Canvas is a durable and sturdy fabric that is often used in heavy-duty bags. It can withstand the weight of laundry and other items and is resistant to wear and tear.

Size and Capacity: Canvas duffle storage bags come in various sizes, offering different capacities for storing laundry or other belongings.

Heavy-Duty Construction: The bag is designed to handle heavy loads, making it suitable for carrying a substantial amount of laundry or bulky items.

Handles and Straps: Canvas duffle bags typically feature sturdy handles and straps that allow for easy carrying, even when the bag is full. Some bags may have multiple handles for added convenience.

Drawstring Closure: Many canvas duffle bags have a drawstring closure at the top, which helps keep the contents secure and prevents items from spilling out.

Versatility: While often used for laundry, these bags can also serve as storage for blankets, pillows, toys, sports equipment, and more.

Breathable Fabric: Canvas is a breathable material that helps prevent odors from getting trapped inside the bag, making it a good choice for storing laundry.

Foldable: Canvas duffle bags can often be folded and stored when not in use, saving space.

Aesthetic Appeal: Canvas bags often have a classic and rustic appearance, adding a touch of style to your storage solution.

Interior Coating: Some bags may have an interior coating or lining that provides additional protection against moisture or odors.

Multiple Compartments: Certain canvas duffle bags may feature pockets or compartments for organizing smaller items within the bag.

Easy to Clean: Canvas is relatively easy to clean and can often be wiped down or spot cleaned.

Decoration: Canvas bags may have decorative elements, patterns, or colors that enhance their visual appeal.

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With the protective feature of drawstring cinch-top, the toys and daily article like clothing won’t fall out. Delicates, portable, personalized, it’s really an adorable home traveling item

It can be used as Santa socks to put Christmas gifts in it for kids. Suitable for hampers, sorters, camping, college, dorm and apartment dwellers, laundromat, moving day, closet, industrial etc

If our toy bags have any problems, please feel free to contact us, we support refund or replacement

They reduce heavy duty for women of different ages. One of the best necessities and home decoration for everyone

Material: Linen
Size: 18x26inches (45x66cm)
Color: Sleep
Package Include
1 x storage bag

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