Craft Cube Clothe Storage Laundry Basket

Multi-Purpose Design: These baskets are designed to serve dual purposes, acting as a storage container for craft supplies and a hamper for dirty laundry, making them ideal for craft rooms or creative spaces.

Cube Shape: The cube shape maximizes storage capacity while offering a compact and space-saving footprint, which is particularly useful in smaller craft rooms.

Durable Materials: Craft cube storage baskets are often made from sturdy materials like canvas or polyester to withstand the weight of craft supplies and laundry.

Removable Liner: Many models come with a removable fabric liner that can be taken out for easy cleaning. This liner helps protect delicate fabrics and craft materials from damage.

Handles: Some craft cube baskets feature handles for easy transport between your craft area and the laundry room.

Separate Compartments: Some designs include separate compartments or dividers within the cube, allowing you to organize craft supplies neatly.

Easy to Clean: The materials used in these baskets are typically easy to wipe down or clean, ensuring that your craft and laundry storage remains hygienic.

Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is often incorporated into the design to prevent odors and mildew when using the basket as a laundry hamper.

Variety of Colors: Craft cube storage laundry baskets are available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to choose one that matches your craft room decor.

Folding Capability: Some models can be folded flat when not in use, making them easy to store if your craft area has limited space.

Transparent or Labeled Sections: To enhance organization, some craft cube baskets have transparent or labeled sections to help you quickly locate specific craft supplies.

Locking Mechanism: Certain designs feature a locking or snap-button closure to secure the contents and maintain a tidy appearance.

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Powerful storage function: large capacity laundry basket organizer provides you withunlimited storage possibilities. not only a hamper for laundry but also a versatile storage basket for clothing, , home textiles, or other storage. it can store almost all the items you need to keep tidy!

Clothes basket for bedroom: compared with the usual storage cube baskets, which is a large improvement to be applied as a beautiful decoration.

Practical design, perfect for home, closet, small apartment, room or anywhere space is limited.

Practical design, home, closet, small apartment, room or anywhere space is limited.

The foldable laundry basket can be folded up for a space-saving storage when not in use. ideal for college dorms, campers, apartments, hotel use, baby nurseries, utility room, and shopping. these are organizing your stuff and keep your room tidy. note: simply use a wet cloth to wipe off the or rinse off under cold water. do not in washing machine and dryer.

Material: Linen, nylon
Size: 28.00X28.00X28.00cm (11.00″X11.00″X11.00″)
Color: Blue white
Package List
1 x Laundry Hamper

Laundry Basket Size

28.00X28.00X28.00cm (11.00"X11.00"X11.00")


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