Cute Round Cotton Rope Jute Laundry Basket

Round Shape: The round shape of the basket offers a classic and timeless design that fits well in various rooms and spaces in your home.

Cotton Rope and Jute Material: These laundry baskets are typically crafted from a combination of cotton rope and jute. Cotton rope provides softness and durability, while jute adds a natural and rustic texture to the design.

Storage Capacity: The basket’s size allows for efficient storage of laundry, toys, blankets, and other items. It can handle moderate to large laundry loads.

Handles or Carry Straps: Many of these baskets come with sturdy handles or carry straps, making it easy to transport the basket and its contents from room to room or to the laundry area.

Easy to Clean: Cotton rope and jute baskets are relatively easy to clean. You can typically spot clean them with a damp cloth or, in some cases, machine wash them following the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Versatility: These baskets are versatile and can serve multiple storage purposes, beyond just laundry. They are suitable for organizing and decluttering various rooms in your home.

Decorative Element: The combination of cotton rope and jute adds a natural and rustic element to your decor. The basket’s design makes it a decorative piece in its own right, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Color and Design Options: You can find variations in color and design elements, including different patterns and color combinations to suit your personal style and home decor.

Durability: The use of cotton rope and jute ensures the basket is durable and can withstand regular use.

Warm and Cozy Aesthetic: The blend of natural materials and the round shape contribute to a warm and cozy aesthetic, making the basket an inviting addition to your home.

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Jute rope, it’s durable and foldable. This woven basket touch soft, no sharp corners. You can use it in the bedroom or kids’ room.

Storage basket shaped like a sphere can store enough things than most basket of the same size, so the inward closing can hide built-in items.

This ball basket not only can use to storage, but also can use it for plant basket, which will make the ordinary flowers pot more stylish. The plant basket size of top diameter is 9 inches, which very fits flowers pot from 8″ up to 9″ in diameter. The handles on both sides make it easy to move the pot.

Designed with neutral color suitable for most decoration styles. This decorative basket adds more softy and warm to house, will be an essential part of the home. As a storage basket, make your home more tidiness and organization.

Machine wash with a laundry bag is the best way, which will have no abrasion to the basket. Due to the particularity of jute rope material, taking out from the packaging bag may have some flavor, just need put it in the ventilated place.

Material: Jute
Size: 25x25x21cm
Color: Khaki
Package List:
1 x Laundry basket

Laundry Basket Size

25x25x21cm (10"x10"x8.3")


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