Extra Large Cotton Rope Blanket Storage Laundry Basket

Extra Large Size: The primary feature of this storage basket is its significantly larger size, providing ample space for storing blankets, laundry, and a wide range of household items.

Cotton Rope Material: These baskets are typically made from cotton rope, which is soft, durable, and eco-friendly. Cotton rope is gentle on your belongings and safe for use around children and pets.

Storage Capacity: The extra-large size of the basket makes it ideal for holding a substantial number of blankets, quilts, pillows, or a sizable amount of laundry. It offers a versatile storage solution for various items.

Handles or Carry Straps: Many of these baskets come with sturdy handles or carry straps, making it convenient to move the basket and its contents from one room to another or to the laundry area.

Collapsible or Foldable: Some extra-large cotton rope storage baskets are designed to be collapsible or foldable, allowing you to save space when the basket is not in use.

Easy to Clean: Cotton rope baskets are typically easy to clean. You can spot clean them with a damp cloth or, in some cases, machine wash them following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Versatility: While suitable for laundry and blankets, these baskets are versatile and can be used for various storage purposes, such as toys, cushions, or other household items.

Color Options: You can find these baskets in a range of colors, allowing you to choose a hue that complements your home decor or personal style.

Decorative Element: Extra-large cotton rope storage baskets serve as both a practical storage solution and a decorative element in your home. Their natural and textured appearance adds warmth and style to your living space.

Durability: Cotton rope is a durable material, ensuring that the basket can withstand the weight of heavy blankets or other items and last for an extended period.

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Big enough to store bulky items like extra blankets, comforters, duvets, throw pillows, cushions, and stuffed animals, winter clothing, laundry, and more. It offers plenty of space for smaller miscellaneous items too, like books, magazines, and toys, to keep your living space neat and tidy!

A stylish, practical alternative to other boring storage solutions. Not only will our baskets help you get organized, their sleek, sophisticated shape and neutral colors will complement any decor and any room: the bathroom, nursery, play room, bedroom, living room, laundry room, & more. They make a lovely yet practical gift for friends and family for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, or any other gift-giving occasion!

Our storage baskets are handmade from premium cotton ropes so they’re great to use anywhere in your home. The quality workmanship ensures there are no sharp or hard edges to scratch floors or stub toes. Use them with complete peace of mind around the house.

Made from high quality materials, our baskets are soft to the touch, yet sturdy enough to keep their shape and stand up on its own. Sturdy, generously-sized, low profile slit handles with reinforced stitching allow for convenient and comfortable carrying of heavy loads around the house. They are collapsible, therefore, can be easily stored when not in use or when you travel.

Our baskets come in folded due to their huge size which may result in some creases. Follow the easy instructions included with the product packaging to regain the original shape within a day or two with minimum effort.

Material: Cotton
Size: 55x35cm (22″x14″)
Color: Black, white
Package List:
1 x Laundry basket

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