Foldable Cartoon Blanket Clothing Ripple Storage Bag

Charming Cartoon Design: Experience the magic of whimsical cartoons as you wrap yourself in a blanket adorned with delightful characters. This captivating design adds a touch of playfulness to your everyday look, inviting smiles and joy.

3-in-1 Versatility:

Blanket: Unfold the RippleCozy product to reveal a luxurious, plush blanket. Whether you’re curling up at home, stargazing outdoors, or sharing stories around a campfire, this blanket offers warmth and coziness.
Clothing: Transform your blanket into fashionable attire with its ingenious folds and fasteners. Adapt it into a shawl, poncho, or draped cardigan – perfect for adding a unique layer to your outfit while staying snug.
RippleWave Storage Bag: After use, effortlessly fold the blanket into a ripple-inspired storage bag. This bag not only keeps your blanket clean and organized but also mirrors the calming waves of water, creating an aesthetic storage solution.
Luxurious Materials: Crafted from premium, skin-friendly materials, the RippleCozy product ensures a soft, gentle touch against your skin. The fabric is designed to provide warmth without sacrificing breathability, making it suitable for year-round use.

User-Friendly Design: Transitioning between blanket, clothing, and storage modes is a breeze thanks to intuitive folds and secure fasteners. Customize the fit to suit your preferences and enjoy adaptable fashion.

Portability Redefined: The innovative foldable design grants you the ability to carry your blanket clothing effortlessly. From impromptu picnics to chilly mornings, the RippleCozy product slips into your bag, ensuring you’re prepared for any comfort-seeking adventure.

Inspired Gift Idea: Seeking a distinctive gift? The RippleCozy Foldable Cartoon Blanket Clothing & RippleWave Storage Bag is an ideal choice for individuals who appreciate both style and practicality. Celebrate birthdays, holidays, or any occasion with this creative and versatile present.

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The organizer is made from high-quality, odorless, three-ply composite non-woven fabric which promotes ventilation and protects your stored things.

The handle is sewn with two layers of thick fabric, and the load-bearing capacity is doubled. Reinforced seams are also implemented for added strength.

1 pack storage containers for organizing clothing with 60L capacity. Totes clothes storage is made of high-quality odorless, breathable non-woven fabric to protect your clothes from dust and moisture. Each blanket storage bag measures 40x30x21cm/15.74*11.81*8.26inch.

The storage organizer’s handles are reinforced with two additional layers of thick fabric to double the load-bearing capacity. These storage bags are easy to carry and transport when you move or load heavy items.

See-through window in the front allows you to quickly see what is stored inside the totes for storage. To clean, simply wipe the clothing storage with a wet towel gently and air dry.

The clothes storage organizer is equipped with two-way that may pull together. The stainless steel zipper is strong and not easily broken, ensuring a long service life for the totes.

The storage bins can be used in a variety of ways, not only for bedroom wardrobe, but also for baby room toys, student dormitory, tool room storage, and towel storage, to conveniently store and keep items clean.

Material: Cloth
Size: 40x30x21cm (15.74″x11.81″x8.26″)
Color: Blue
Packing:1*storage cubes for organizing

Storage Bag Size

40x30x21cm (15.74"x11.81"x8.26")


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