Foldable Large Clothes Clear Window Thick Storage Box

Foldable Design: These storage boxes are designed to be collapsible, which means they can be folded flat when not in use. This feature is ideal for saving storage space when the box is empty.

Large Capacity: These boxes are typically spacious, making them suitable for storing a significant quantity of clothing items, such as sweaters, blankets, or seasonal clothing.

Clear Window: One of the standout features is a clear plastic window on the front of the box. This window allows you to see the contents of the box without having to open it, making it easier to locate specific items.

Thick and Durable Material: These storage boxes are often made from thick and durable materials like non-woven fabric or sturdy cardboard. This ensures the box can support the weight of your clothing items and offers protection from dust, dirt, and pests.

Lid or Cover: Many storage boxes come with a lid or cover that can be secured in place to protect the contents from moisture, insects, and other environmental factors.

Handles: Some boxes feature built-in handles or reinforced side handles to make it easier to carry the box when it’s filled with clothing.

Stackable: These storage boxes are often designed to be stackable. You can place one box on top of another to maximize vertical storage space in your closet or storage area.

Versatile Use: While primarily designed for clothing storage, these boxes can also be used to store other items like linens, toys, accessories, or household goods.

Variety of Sizes: You can find these storage boxes in various sizes to accommodate different types of clothing or items.

Easy Assembly: Most of these storage boxes are easy to assemble without the need for additional tools.

Labeling: Some storage boxes come with label slots or areas where you can attach labels to identify the contents, making organization even more straightforward.

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Upgraded Material The Organizer Is Made Of High Quality, Odorless, Three Ply Composite Non Woven Fabric Which Promotes Ventilation And Protects Your Stored Things.

Two Sturdy Metal Zippers And Reinforced Handles, Versatile Usage.

Thickened Cloth With Transparent Window The Cloth Is 3 Lays In 1, Quite Durable.

Large Capacity Each Storage Bag. It Is Spacious For Your Comforters, Blankets, Pillows, Plush , Jackets Or Other Clothes. Cloth Closet Organizer Baby Labels for Storage Bins Organizer for Clothes Clothes Bag Towel Container.

Material: Nonwoven Fabric
Size: 58×31×30cm (22.8″x12.2″x11.8″)
Color: Blue transparent, Grey transparent
Product includes: 1 storage bag

Storage Bag Size

58×31×30cm (22.8"x12.2"x11.8")


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