Foldable Pop Up Frog Laundry Basket

Foldable Pop-Up Design: The most distinctive feature of this laundry basket is its pop-up design. It can easily expand to its full size when in use and collapse into a flat, compact shape for convenient storage when not needed.

Frog Design: These laundry baskets are often adorned with a frog-themed design, adding a playful and engaging element to the basket’s appearance. This design is especially appealing to children.

Durable Framework: Inside the fabric or material that makes up the basket, there is typically a sturdy yet flexible frame, often made of metal or plastic, which helps maintain the basket’s shape when in use.

Handles for Easy Carrying: Many of these baskets come with built-in handles, making it easy for children or adults to carry and transport the laundry or other items.

Versatile Use: Besides laundry storage, these baskets can be used for organizing toys, clothes, towels, or other household items in children’s rooms, playrooms, or any space where a whimsical storage solution is desired.

Lightweight and Portable: The materials used are typically lightweight, making these laundry baskets highly portable and suitable for various rooms in the house.

Easy to Clean: The fabric or material is usually easy to clean. Some of these laundry baskets may be machine washable or can be wiped down with a damp cloth as needed.

Fun and Kid-Friendly: The frog design and the collapsible pop-up feature make these laundry baskets appealing to children and can make cleaning up and organizing more enjoyable for them.

Affordable and Convenient: These laundry baskets are often budget-friendly and provide a practical and playful solution for storing laundry or other items in a child-friendly manner.

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Multipurpose solution for kids to store their toys, dolls, books, and clothes.

Fun animal print design, folds flat for space saving storage, and can be used as a hamper.

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Material: Polyester, Steel
Size: 33x33x53cm (13″x13″x21″)
Color: Green
Package List:
1 x Laundry basket

Laundry Basket Size

33x33x53cm ( 13"x13"x21")


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