Folding Crate Clothes Storage Laundry Basket

Foldable and Stackable: The primary feature is its foldable design, allowing it to collapse flat for easy storage when not in use. Additionally, these crates are often stackable when folded, saving even more space.

Durability: These crates are typically made from sturdy materials like plastic or reinforced fabric, ensuring they can withstand the weight of your laundry and resist wear and tear.

Lightweight: Most folding crate laundry baskets are lightweight, making them easy to carry, even when filled with clothes.

Handles: Many models come with integrated handles or grips that facilitate carrying and transporting the basket.

Collapsible Mechanism: The folding mechanism is usually simple and quick, allowing you to collapse or expand the crate as needed.

Ventilation: Some models incorporate ventilation holes or slats in the design to promote airflow, helping to prevent odors and mold growth in your laundry.

Variety of Sizes: Folding crate laundry baskets are available in various sizes, catering to different laundry loads and storage requirements.

Multi-Purpose Use: In addition to laundry, these crates can be used for storing a wide range of items, from books and toys to kitchen supplies and more.

Portability: Thanks to their foldable design and handles, these baskets are highly portable and can be used in different rooms or even taken on trips.

Easy to Clean: Many folding crate laundry baskets are easy to clean, either by wiping them down with a damp cloth or hosing them off if they are made of plastic.

Affordability: These baskets are generally affordable, providing a cost-effective storage solution.

Versatile Design: Their simple and practical design makes them suitable for various interior styles, and they are available in a range of colors.

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It can be folded and disassembled, saving space and easy to store and carry Laundry Basket.

Use as Laundry Hamper, Bins, Gift Baskets Large Storage Bin.

Suitable for your kids room, college dorm, nursery, laundry room, bathroom, living room, bedroom, balcony, etc Lightweight Organizer Basket.

The handle is fixed firmly and not easy to fall off, easy to move Folding Basket.

Made of cotton linen and PE coating material, durable and practical for long-lasting use collapsible storage bins.

Material: Cotton linen, PE coating
Size:35.00×35.00×43.00cm (13.76″x13.76″x16″)
Color: Red, white
Package Include
1 x Laundry basket

Laundry Basket Size

35.00×35.00×43.00cm (13.76"x13.76"x16")


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