Folding Waterproof Clothes Storage Laundry Basket

Foldable Design: The primary feature of these laundry baskets is their foldable or collapsible design, which allows them to be easily folded flat when not in use. This feature is ideal for saving space during storage.

Waterproof Material: The key feature is their waterproof construction, which helps protect your laundry from moisture, spills, or accidental splashes, keeping your clothes dry and clean.

Durable Materials: Look for baskets made from sturdy and waterproof materials such as polyester, Oxford cloth, PVC-coated fabric, or plastic to ensure they can withstand the weight of your laundry and regular use.

Large Capacity: Despite their compact design when folded, these baskets often have a substantial capacity, allowing you to store a significant amount of laundry.

Handles: Many of these baskets come equipped with handles on the sides or top, making it easy to carry the basket to and from the laundry room or other areas of your home.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is important to prevent odors and mold from developing in your dirty laundry. Some waterproof laundry baskets have perforated sides, a mesh design, or ventilation holes to promote air circulation.

Easy to Clean: Choose a basket with surfaces that are easy to wipe clean, or select models with removable and washable liners for added convenience.

Versatility: While primarily designed for laundry, these baskets can also be used for organizing toys, blankets, linens, or other household items, making them a versatile storage solution.

Stylish Design: They come in various colors and designs to match your decor and personal preferences, adding both functionality and style to your storage solution.

Foldable Lid or Cover: Some models may include a lid or cover that can be collapsed along with the basket, providing extra privacy and protection for your laundry.

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Multi-functional waterproof storage basket Dirty clothes basket.

Size 41*35cm, weight of 222 grams.

Foldable without occupying space, easy to use.

Large capacity, can be loaded with dirty clothes, sundries, etc.

Handle on both sides, easy to move.

Material: Cotton and linen
Size: 41x35cm (16.1″x17.8″)
Color: Plaid coffee, tableware green, polar bear blue, polar bear powder, ostrich pink, ostrich green.
Package Included:
1 * laundry basket

Laundry Basket Size

41x35cm (16.1"x17.8")


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