Handwoven Collapsible Removable Storage Laundry Basket

Handwoven Design: These baskets are typically crafted by hand using traditional weaving techniques. The handwoven design adds a touch of craftsmanship and natural texture to the basket’s appearance.

Collapsible Design: Many of these baskets are designed to be collapsible, allowing you to fold them flat when not in use. This makes them easy to store and transport, especially if you have limited space.

Removable Liner or Bag: Some models come with a removable fabric liner or bag inside. This liner can be easily taken out and used to transport laundry to the washing machine or to store other items.

Handles: Look for handles on the sides of the basket. Handles make it easy to carry the basket when it’s full of laundry or other items.

Storage Capacity: These baskets often offer a decent storage capacity, accommodating multiple loads of laundry or various household items.

Durable Materials: While the exterior is handwoven, the frame and structure of the basket may be made from durable materials like metal or sturdy plastic to provide stability and ensure it can withstand regular use.

Ventilation: Adequate ventilation may be incorporated into the design to allow air circulation inside the basket, helping to prevent moisture buildup and odors.

Lid or Cover (Optional): Some handwoven laundry baskets may come with a lid or cover that can be used to conceal the contents and maintain a neat appearance. Lids also help contain odors.

Natural Materials: Handwoven baskets are often made from natural materials such as seagrass, water hyacinth, rattan, or bamboo, adding an organic and eco-friendly element to your home decor.

Color and Design: These baskets are available in various colors and designs, allowing you to choose one that complements your home decor and personal style.

Easy to Clean: Handwoven baskets are generally easy to clean. You can typically wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth, and if the liner is removable, it can often be machine-washed.

Versatility: Beyond laundry, these baskets can be used for storing a wide range of items, including blankets, toys, magazines, or as decorative pieces in your living spaces.

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Are you looking for a 100% handwoven hamper to decorate your home? Do you want to a durable hamper made by iron frame? Do you want a lided hamper to make your home clean and tidy? Are you troubled by frequent trips to the laundromat? … Hope here have your answer.

The laundry hamper is meticulously crafted from durable fiber tape material, which is breathable and environmental. The hampers are handmade and each piece is unique therefore slight variations exist. You can decorate your home while using it keep your home tidy. Very perfect for your bedroom, living room, baby room and room entryway.

Crafted with iron frame to increase the load bearing ability. Lightweight basket with two handles can provide you take at least 44 lbs of laundry up and down stairs easily. Or you can take the machine washable liner bag to laundromat directly. The neat lid design prevents the spread of odors. It can also give you a neat environment even you don’t want to wash your loads of dirty clothes.

It measures 18″L 13″W 23.6″H. Spacious storage space of 90 Liter to reduce mess. Easily folded flat when not in use, keep it behind the door to saving space and perfect for dorms and apartment. It also can be used as a gift and your friends will be very happy for as they are extremely useful and offer endless storage possibilities.

For any reason you’re not completely happy with your purchase, please reach out and we will attempt to resolve any issues and ensure your contentment. Your satisfaction is our goal. Wish YOUDENOVA beautify and light your life.

Material: Fabric, fiber tape, Iron frame
Size: 90L: 46X33X60cm (18″x13″x23.6″)
Color: White
Package List
1 pcs Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket Size

90L: 46X33X60cm (18"x13"x23.6")


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