Large Collapsible Waterproof Drawstring Round Laundry Basket

Large Capacity: These laundry baskets are designed to hold a significant amount of laundry, making them suitable for busy households or larger families.

Collapsible Design: They are collapsible, which means you can fold them down for easy storage when they’re not in use. This feature is especially helpful if you have limited storage space.

Waterproof or Water-Resistant Material: The basket is typically made from a waterproof or water-resistant material, such as polyester or coated fabric. This prevents moisture from damp clothes or spills from leaking out and causing damage to the floor.

Drawstring Closure: A drawstring closure at the top of the basket allows you to secure your laundry and keep it out of sight. It also prevents clothes from falling out when you’re carrying the basket.

Handles or Straps: Some baskets have built-in handles or straps, making it easier to transport your laundry to the washing machine or laundry area.

Durable Construction: Look for a basket with sturdy and durable construction to ensure it can withstand the weight of your laundry and last for a long time.

Easy to Clean: The waterproof material is easy to wipe clean in case of spills or stains, ensuring your basket stays looking good.

Ventilation: Some designs may incorporate ventilation holes or mesh panels to help prevent odors from building up in the basket, particularly useful for damp or smelly laundry.

Round Shape: The round shape is space-efficient and often fits well in corners or small spaces.

Variety of Designs: These baskets come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to choose one that matches your decor or personal style.

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Extra thickened fabric with waterproof coating, the basket can stand its own very well without any stuff in.

The dimensions of the laundry basket is 13.7″(D) x 18″(H)/35cm x 45cm with capacity 43L, perfect size to hold large loads of laundry.

Compared with ordinary fabric handles, a pair of thickened leather handles fixed by stainless rivets make transportation a breeze.

Waterproof plastic liner with drawstring locking keeps dirt out and prevents the storage items from falling. Collapsible design for easy storage.

The laundry hamper provides attractive solution to many storage needs such as clothing storage, home textiles storage, toy storage, baby product’s storage and pet product’s storage.

Material: Cotton
Size: 35x45cm (13.7″x18″)
Color: Grey, pink, black
Package List:
1 x Laundry basket

Laundry Basket Size

35x45cm (13.7"x18")


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