Multifunctional Thickened Sorting Clothes Carrot Bunny Storage Bag

Multifunctional Design: The term “multifunctional” suggests that the storage bag serves multiple purposes. In this case, it might be designed for organizing clothes, but it could also have other potential uses depending on its design and features.

Thickened Material: The use of “thickened” material could indicate that the storage bag is made from durable and robust materials, ensuring its longevity and the protection of its contents.

Sorting Capability: The inclusion of “Sorting Clothes” in the name implies that the storage bag has compartments or sections that allow you to sort and organize your clothing items. This could be useful for separating different types of clothing or organizing outfits.

Carrot Bunny Design: The “Carrot Bunny” aspect of the name suggests that the storage bag might have a playful or decorative design. It could be shaped like a carrot or a bunny, adding a whimsical touch to your storage area.

Visual Appeal: With a carrot bunny theme, the bag might feature vibrant colors, cute illustrations, or other decorative elements that make it visually appealing, especially if it’s meant to be used in a children’s room or a creative space.

Easy Access: The design could incorporate features that make it easy to access your stored items, such as zippered openings, drawstring closures, or Velcro flaps.

Portable: Depending on its size and design, the storage bag might be portable, allowing you to move it around easily.

Storage Capacity: The bag’s size and design will determine how much clothing it can hold, and whether it’s more suitable for small items like accessories or larger clothing items like sweaters or coats.

Collapsible: If the storage bag is meant to be stowed away when not in use, it might be designed to collapse or fold flat for easy storage.

Sturdiness: The “thickened” aspect could also suggest that the bag is sturdy enough to maintain its shape even when it’s not fully packed.

Child-Friendly: If the design is playful and child-oriented, the bag might be designed with safety in mind, using non-toxic materials and avoiding small parts that could be a choking hazard.

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Our storage bins is made of cloth, breathable and odorless. Home organization baskets bring you organizing convenience and a sweet home.

These storage bins are designed with a large capacity to hold a wide range of items. Put your clothes and take them out clean and tidy when needed.

The top side of the storage bins can be fully opened for easier organization. And the box is lightweight, easy to move, and does not require additional packaging supplies. Just open the packaging. Perfect for moving or packing in the dormitory.

Material: Cloth
105L: 50x40x50cm (19.69″x15.75″x19.69″)
140L: 56x45x56cm (22.05″x17.72″x22.05″)
180L: 50x50x70cm (19.69″x19.69″x27.56″)
210L: 60x50x70cm (23.62″x19.69″x27.56″)
Color: As shown in the figure
Package includes:
1xStorage Bins

Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

Storage Bag Size

105L: 50x40x50cm (19.69"x15.75"x19.69"), 140L: 56x45x56cm (22.05"x17.72"x22.05"), 180L: 50x50x70cm (19.69"x19.69"x27.56"), 210L: 60x50x70cm (23.62"x19.69"x27.56")


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