Multifunctional Thickened Sorting Clothes Elk Storage Bag

Multifunctional Design: The term “Multifunctional” suggests that the storage bag is designed for various uses beyond just sorting and organizing clothes. It could be adaptable to different storage needs.

Thickened Material: The use of “Thickened” material indicates that the bag is constructed from durable and sturdy materials, enhancing its durability and protecting the contents from potential damage.

Sorting Capability: The “Sorting Clothes” aspect implies that the bag likely includes compartments or sections that facilitate the organization of clothing items. This sorting feature can help keep your wardrobe neat and accessible.

Elk Design: With an “Elk” theme, the storage bag might feature elk-related imagery, patterns, or even the shape of an elk. This design could add a nature-inspired and rustic aesthetic to your storage area.

Visual Appeal: If designed with an elk motif, the bag could be visually appealing and suitable for spaces with a natural or outdoorsy decor style.

Easy Access: The design might incorporate user-friendly openings, closures, or flaps that allow for easy access to the stored items.

Portability: Depending on its size and design, the bag could be designed for easy carrying and moving around your living space.

Storage Capacity: The bag’s size and layout will determine its capacity, whether it’s suitable for small accessories or larger clothing items like jackets or sweaters.

Collapsible: If intended for seasonal items or occasional use, the bag might be designed to collapse or fold flat for space-saving storage.

Sturdiness: The “Thickened” aspect suggests that the bag maintains its structure and stability, even when not fully filled.

Nature-Friendly: If designed for a natural or outdoor-themed decor, the materials and design might align with that aesthetic, using earthy tones and eco-friendly materials.

Interior Protection: To protect the stored clothing items, the bag might include a soft interior lining that prevents scratching or damage.

Child-Friendly: If intended for use in a child’s room, the design might be child-safe, avoiding small parts that could be a choking hazard.

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Our storage bins is made of cloth, breathable and odorless. Home organization baskets bring you organizing convenience and a sweet home.

These storage bins are designed with a large capacity to hold a wide range of items. Put your clothes and take them out clean and tidy when needed.

The top side of the storage bins can be fully opened for easier organization. And the box is lightweight, easy to move, and does not require additional packaging supplies. Just open the packaging. Perfect for moving or packing in the dormitory.

Material: Cloth
105L: 50x40x50cm (19.69″x15.75″x19.69″)
140L: 56x45x56cm (22.05″x17.72″x22.05″)
180L: 50x50x70cm (19.69″x19.69″x27.56″)
210L: 60x50x70cm (23.62″x19.69″x27.56″)
Color: As shown in the figure
Package includes:
1xStorage Bins

Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

Storage Bag Size

105L: 50x40x50cm (19.69"x15.75"x19.69"), 140L: 56x45x56cm (22.05"x17.72"x22.05"), 180L: 50x50x70cm (19.69"x19.69"x27.56"), 210L: 60x50x70cm (23.62"x19.69"x27.56")


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