Rainbow Cotton Rope Laundry Basket

Material: Rainbow cotton rope laundry baskets are primarily made from natural cotton rope. The ropes are often dyed in various colors to create a rainbow effect.

Colorful Design: As the name suggests, these baskets are designed to be colorful, with a spectrum of colors similar to a rainbow. The colors may vary in terms of the pattern or combination.

Durable: Cotton rope is a sturdy and durable material, making the basket capable of holding a significant amount of laundry without collapsing or losing its shape.

Flexible: The cotton rope construction is flexible, allowing the basket to expand and accommodate a variety of laundry sizes and shapes.

Handles: Many of these baskets feature built-in handles for easy transport. These handles make it convenient to carry the laundry to and from the washing machine.

Aesthetic Appeal: Rainbow cotton rope laundry baskets are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal. They can add a touch of color and style to your laundry room or bedroom.

Ventilation: The open-weave design of the cotton rope provides good ventilation, helping to prevent the buildup of odors and mildew in your dirty laundry.

Eco-Friendly: Cotton is a natural and renewable resource, so these baskets are considered eco-friendly options for your laundry needs.

Collapsible: Some models may be collapsible or have a foldable design, which is useful for storage when the basket is not in use.

Easy to Clean: Cotton rope is relatively easy to clean, and many of these baskets can be wiped down with a damp cloth or spot cleaned if necessary.

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Like cute unicorn decor this rainbow woven basket is perfect for storing laundry, organizing extra blankets, picking up toys, or as a fun kids storage basket for stuffed animals.

These beautiful rainbow toy baskets are woven with high-quality, all-natural cotton to give them the right balance of softness and durability. This makes them great for bedrooms, nurseries, and laundry rooms.

A smart choice as playroom decor or classroom decor these rainbow storage bins feature reinforced handles on each side so you can pick them up, add in toys, arts and crafts, or supplies, and store them anywhere.

Featuring all the colors of the rainbow these rainbow color baskets will leave young children inspired while also enhancing the look and feel of your space. Put them by furniture, in corners, and much more.

Functional and fun these baskets are like colorful rainbow decor that brighten up your rooms and help you stay more organized witch your boho decor, which makes them great for busy homes with kids or pets.

Material: Cotton
Size: 38.1×38.1×45.7cm (15″x15″x18″)
Color: Rainbow Pastel
Package List:
1 x Laundry basket

Laundry Basket Size

38.1×38.1x 45.7cm(15"x15"x18")


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