Space Saving Fold Oversized Moving Storage Bag

Large Capacity: These bags are typically oversized, meaning they have a spacious interior to accommodate a significant amount of items. This is especially useful when you need to store bulky items like bedding, clothing, or even small furniture.

Foldable Design: The “fold” aspect of these bags is crucial. They are designed to be collapsible when not in use. This means that when the bag is empty, you can fold it down to a much smaller size, saving you valuable storage space.

Durable Materials: They are usually made from durable and heavy-duty materials such as reinforced nylon or polyester. This ensures that your items are protected during storage and transportation.

Handles or Straps: Many of these bags come with built-in handles or straps, making it easier to carry them when they are filled with items. This is particularly handy when you’re moving or need to transport the bag from one place to another.

Zipper Closure: A sturdy zipper closure ensures that your items are securely stored and protected from dust, moisture, and pests.

Transparency: Some storage bags feature transparent panels or windows, allowing you to see the contents without having to open the bag. This can be helpful for quickly identifying what’s inside.

Labeling: Look for bags with label holders or slots where you can insert labels to identify the contents. This can be especially useful for organizing and finding your items quickly.

Versatile Use: These storage bags are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including moving, seasonal storage (e.g., storing winter clothing during the summer), and long-term storage.

Vacuum-Seal Compatibility: Some oversized storage bags are designed to be compatible with vacuum-sealing systems. You can remove the air from the bag, compressing the contents and further saving space.

Protection: In addition to saving space, these bags often offer protection against dust, moisture, insects, and other potential damage to your belongings.

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Choose from 2 4 6pcs packages Extra Large: 27” x 14” x 15” and up to 24 in volume, a great alternative to moving boxes and organizers, Holiday Storage Bags. Waterproof and great for saving space, moving, and camping.

Carrying handle around the luggage/bag gives the bag more strength to hold heavier loads than sewn handles.

The top side can be fully opened, it is easier to organize, load and unload clothes, books, or anything you want to put in

Collapsible materials that just fold up and take them to the shelves, or anywhere they will take up not much space to store when not in use.

The labeled pockets are in the upper right corner, you can mark your luggage for easy identification.

Material: PE
Size: 35x23x2.5cm (13.8″x9.8″x1.0″)
Color: Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Red
Package Contains:
1x moving bag storage bag

Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may have slight color difference. please make sure you do not mind before ordering, Thank you!
Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. please make sure you do not mind before ordering.)

Storage Bag Size

35x23x2.5cm (13.8"x9.8"x1.0")


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