Under the Bed Storage Rack with Wheels

Size and Dimensions: The storage rack is designed to fit under most standard bed frames. The dimensions may vary to accommodate different bed sizes and heights.

Wheels or Casters: The storage rack is equipped with wheels or casters, making it easy to slide in and out from under the bed. This feature allows for convenient access to the stored items without the need for heavy lifting.

Sturdy Construction: Look for a storage rack made from durable materials, such as carbon steel, to ensure it can hold the weight of the items placed on it.

Weight Capacity: The storage rack should have a specified weight capacity to ensure it can support the items you intend to store.

Low Profile Design: The rack is designed to have a low profile, allowing it to fit easily under the bed without interfering with the bed frame or causing any discomfort while sleeping.

Multiple Shelves or Compartments: Some under the bed storage racks come with multiple shelves or compartments, allowing you to organize and separate different items.

Easy Assembly: The storage rack should be easy to assemble without the need for complex tools or expertise.

Versatility: Under the bed storage racks can be used to store various items such as clothing, shoes, bedding, seasonal items, toys, and more.

Security Features: Some racks may have additional features like latching mechanisms or covers to secure and protect the items stored under the bed.

Accessibility: The design should allow easy access to the items even when the storage rack is fully placed under the bed.

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Never settle for flimsy plastic&linen under bed storage bins which rip all too easily. This under the bed storage container is completely made of metal, compared with other under bed storage bins, smaller mesh size of the shelf is used for a larger load-bearing capacity. Plus, the whole frame was welded into a whole that never falls apart.

The added feature of wheels allows this under bed storager container to easily pull out for bedroom organization. Two of the 4 wheels can be locked by pushing the knob above it to fix the cart in position, the elevated design shields stored items from dust and dirt, and the unique carved floral pattern which makes you easily identify contents through the side frame even under the bed.

Considering how complex assembly can be, we simplified installation into just two simple steps. Just put the four wheels on the frame and then put the shelf onto it.The installation will be complete within one minute and no tools are required.

It’s great for seasonal under bed clothes storage, under bed shoe storage, bedding storage and more. Due to the rolling design, it can also be used as under bed drawers on wheels. Buy 1 PACK to make your tiny space a new look!

Material: Carbon steel
Color: Black
Fold: 3.7×15.7×11.4inches (9x40x29cm)
Unfold:15.7×23.6×6.22inches (40x60x16cm)
Package included:
1 pack Storage Rack

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