2 Pack Collapsible Small Laundry Baskets

Collapsible Design: The primary feature of these baskets is their collapsible or foldable design, allowing them to be flattened or folded when not in use. This makes them highly space-efficient for storage.

Size: Small laundry baskets are intended for holding a limited amount of laundry, making them suitable for single individuals, small apartments, or for sorting specific types of clothes.

Durable Materials: They are typically constructed from durable materials like plastic, fabric, or a combination of both to withstand the weight of laundry items.

Handles: Many small laundry baskets have sturdy handles that make it easy to carry laundry to and from the washing machine, dryer, or laundry room.

Ventilation: Some models may feature ventilation holes or mesh sides to facilitate airflow, which helps prevent odors and mildew buildup.

Lid or Cover: Certain models come with a lid or cover that can hide your laundry and contain any unpleasant odors.

Color and Design: These baskets come in various colors and designs to match your decor or personal preferences.

Ease of Cleaning: It’s important that the laundry basket is easy to clean, especially since it will be used to hold dirty clothes.

Labeling: To assist with organization, you may find small laundry baskets with labels or pockets where you can place labels for sorting or categorizing laundry items.

Stackability: While not always a feature of small laundry baskets, some models are designed to be stackable, which can save space in your laundry area when multiple baskets are not in use.

Wheels: Certain models may include wheels for enhanced mobility, allowing you to roll the laundry basket from one room to another with ease.

Multiple Compartments: Though less common in small laundry baskets, some may have multiple compartments or dividers to help you sort your laundry into different categories.

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The new Travel Dirty Laundry Bag has added handles and hooks to make it easy to carry when full and free your hands from holding it in your arms. The hook design gives you an additional option to hang it on your backpack or put it in your suitcase.

Tear resistant material with extra-tough double-stitched seam construction and thick nylon material that prevents the bag tears from spreading; Plastic tips on the end of drawstring, which prevent it from unraveling after wash. Waterproof, non faded, shrink-proof, healthy and clean.

Takes up as little space as possible in your luggage while providing a larger capacity to hold a weeks’ of laundries with a folded size diameter 7.8″ and an opened size of 20.8 “L x 20.4 “W, especially suitable for travel, camp, fitness, and students.

The outer small zipper pocket can store underwear or small bottles of detergent or keys to play a separating role. Easily separate dirty clothes from clean ones.

You can use it as separate hamper bag for laundry or can put it into your exist laundry basket or clothes hamper, and tie the bag up with drawstring for laundry directly. Fit most laundry hamper at home or dorm room.

Material: Nylon
Size: 53x52cm (20.8″x20.4”)
Color: Green, grey, black, pink, royal Blue
Package Include
2 x Laundry Baskets

Laundry Basket Size

53x52cm (20.8"x20.4")


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