Wooden Pile Pattern Laundry Basket

Material: Wooden pile pattern laundry baskets are primarily made from wood or wood-based materials, such as bamboo or rattan. These materials provide durability and a natural, rustic look.

Design: The distinctive feature of a wooden pile pattern laundry basket is its exterior design. The basket is often designed with a pile or stack-like pattern, where wooden slats or strips are stacked or woven together vertically, resembling a pile of logs or wooden planks. This design adds a unique and decorative touch to the basket.

Ventilation: Many wooden laundry baskets incorporate gaps or openings in their design to allow for better ventilation. This helps prevent odors from building up inside the basket and allows damp or wet laundry to dry more effectively.

Handles: To facilitate easy transportation of laundry, wooden pile pattern laundry baskets usually come with built-in handles. These handles can be integrated into the design or attached separately.

Lid or Cover: Some wooden laundry baskets come with a lid or cover to conceal the contents and maintain a tidy appearance in your laundry area or bedroom. The lid can be hinged or removable for easy access.

Liner: To protect both the basket and your laundry, some models include a removable fabric or cloth liner. The liner can be easily removed and washed as needed.

Size and Capacity: Wooden pile pattern laundry baskets come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different laundry loads. You can find small baskets for single loads or larger ones for family-sized laundry needs.

Finish: These baskets often have a natural or stained finish that enhances the wood’s appearance while providing protection against moisture and wear.

Eco-Friendly: Wooden laundry baskets are often considered an eco-friendly choice as they are made from renewable materials and can be biodegradable, depending on the specific wood used.

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Using cotton and linen material of and fine craftsmanship, strong and durable for serving life toy storage basket.

Multi-functional and versatile, it can store dirty clothes, toys, snacks, clothes, books, etc tree stump bag.

Collapsible and lightweight, not taking up any space, convenient and practical Cloth Laundry Bin.

Work great in the bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, balcony, nursery, college dorm, etc round basket.

Fine workmanship, neat wiring, portable and practical, creative and exquisite printing cotton laundry basket.

Material: Cotton and linen
Size: 45.00X35.00X35.00cm (17.68″X13.76″X13″)
Color: Grey
Package List
1 x Laundry basket

Laundry Basket Size

45.00X35.00X35.00cm ( 17.68"X13.76"X13")


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